Tuesday, May 28, 2013

From Paris to Provence to Mt. Aukum

We should be coming to the end of our reading journey by now, and I am hoping the books this month have left you inspired to cook, to travel and to dine on all things Francais. 
Along with the tastes and smells Ethel Brennan and Sara Remington talk about in their beautiful book Paris to Provence they also talk about the light looking over the vineyards and the sound of the squeaky floors in their 18th century house and the church bells in the village.  I don't think there is any sound more wonderful than the middle of the night comfort of a village churchbell., or anything more European than the whine of a police siren in the streets of Paris.  Now that I've read through the book, it's time for me to get cooking.  I'll be making some treats for you to take home after our wonderful event at C.G. DiArie Vineyards a week from Saturday on June 8th.  Don't delay getting your tickets as they are starting to be quite scarce.  Just CLICK HERE for a ticket to the event.  All are welcome, so please bring a friend. The tickets are $20.00 each and you will love the refreshments, the conversation with the authors, who will be interviewed by Donna Apidone, host of Morning Edition and the Provence like setting. 
Before closing today, I have one more very special invitation for you.  We have just launched our CapRadio Reads website.  The site is full of information about our book club, books featured on NPR and stories from local authors and Capital Public Radio personalities.  It will take you further into our world of books than we have been able to go with the blog.  From now on, when you go to http://capradio.org/books on your browser, you will end up at this sight.  Hope you enjoy it. Please let us know!
I look forward to seeing many of you at the Paris to Provence event and as always, thanks for reading.

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