Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Thoughts On Our Current Read

Masada From Josephus to Hoffman

  Israeli soldiers take an oath: "Masada shall not fall again".  It is well known that if we learn from history, we will not make the same mistakes again. Flavius Jospehus told this story first, after he spoke to a survivor of Masada. In this incredible story of four women in 70 C.E. we see mistakes being made, souls being lost and heroic acts of sacrifice. 
  In the beginning of this book, we meet Yael, the daughter of the assasin, who's father has blamed her for the death of her own mother, during her birth. Their city is in ruins and they set out over the desert to escape the Roman warriors.  Their journey is many miles and many lifetimes. The people they meet, the animals they see, guide Yael's journey to Masada.  Once there, she is given a job, tending to the doves. Once more animals and birds and mysticism carry her further on her journey. Yael is learning her history as she lives it, and will struggle to keep that alive throughout the book.

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