Wednesday, December 12, 2012

What did YOU think?

Our group of CapRadio Readers met last night in the Community Room at Capital Public Radio, and as always, it was a lively discussion. We wished you were there, but hope you will join in now.  Did you find The Dovekeepers and interesting read?  Our group, for the most part, liked the book, but all were amazed at the history of  Masada.  How strong were the beliefs and faith of the nine hundred Jews, who had held out for months against Roman attacks, to do what they ultimately had to do to "escape"?
Of the four women, who had the most compelling story?  How did these women grow and change during their time at Masada?
Our discussion last night veered into the current situation in the Middle East.  We compared the warriors of Masada to the political warriors of today's Israel. In Dovekeepers, among the Jews there are different sects. Yael's sister, Nahara, leaves her sect to join the Essenes'.  How different these two sects are, is reflected in the different views in today's Israel.
We hope you enjoyed the book, and I sincerely hope to hear from you.  Tell us if you did, or did not and why, and let us know how you like our new program.  Please follow us on this blog, or if you can, join us in the Community Room, the second Tuesday of every month. Just click JOIN THE CLUB  and you're in.  Coming soon, the title announcement for January.

Happy Reading!

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