Wednesday, February 13, 2013

First Face To Face a Success

New Faces, New Ideas

CapRadio Reads held it's first Face to Face Bookclub meeting last night in the Community Room at the studios on Folsom Boulevard.  We had a little wine, a few delicious sweets and a full house, ready to wade into the ups and downs on The London Train, by Tessa Hadley, our February selection.  Did we enjoy the book? Yes and No.  Were the characters interesting. Yes! Did we like them all? NO!  We had an interesting discussion of the writing style, with very interesting observations from many. Several readers remarked on Ms. Hadley's statement that she wanted to write like a man, and felt some of the book was certainly done that way. Her discussion by the characters of class in society was a constant throughout the book and many found it quite interesting. And finally, we got down to why we really like to read books in a bookclub setting. Who doesn't love to discover a wonderful book, way outside their usual reading comfort zone?
We also had some very intriguing conversation about reading preferences, in terms of a Hardback versus a Paperback versus an e-Reader.  Stemming from this conversation, we will continue to try and read as many books in Paperback as possible, but based on the strength of reviews and recommendations, we will have a Hardback from time to time.
So, did you read The London train? How did you feel about it?  Don't miss out on the next meeting.
Watch this blog later today to find out what we will read next, and while you're at it JOIN THE CLUB so you will be the FIRST to know what's going on at CapRadio Reads.


  1. Hi, Vicki. It was great meeting everyone last night.

    1) I think you should sit down with us, even as a moderator, instead of standing at the helm, as it were. :)
    2) Perhaps invite the attendees to pose questions of our own? Maybe at the next book club, you can ask each attendee to prepare one discussion question she/he would like to pick up apart with the group. It might help to guide our discussion AND get more people participating.

    (Happy reading, new friends!)

    1. Thanks for the great suggestions. I will take you up on them.