Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Rave Reviews

The Light Between Oceans is a hit

To those of you who packed our Community Room last night for the Face to Face discussion of M.L. Stedman's, The Light Between Oceans, thank you. To those who couldn't make it, we hope you felt the book was worthy of your time reading, and hope you will join us for future meetings, here on the blog and at special events.

Those readers in the room were taken with the wonderful depiction of characters in this book, and felt strongly that Tom was a man with a strong moral compass, who dearly loved his wife, Izzie. Maybe he loved her too much, and thus allowed her to make the first of many bad decisions in this book, resulting in a harrowing tale of deceit. Everyone agreed that Tom's World War One experiences probably led to many of the issues in this book and that, as always, war does really terrible things to the people involved. The lighthouse itself emerged as an important character in the book, as a beacon of hope and safety, yet remote. All in all it was a wonderful conversation with many of the 40 gathered taking part, and I think all, enjoyed the warm atmosphere, a glass of wine and maybe even a cookie or two!  Remember to JOIN THE CLUB to make sure you are first to know about all our Face To Face Meetings and Special Events and make sure you are a member of Capital Public Radio, who brings CapRadio Reads and so many other fine community events and programs to you every day of the week. Coming soon, the announcement of our April Book Selection.  Watch this space for more information.   Thank you for reading!


  1. Thank you so much for a wonderful meeting, Vicki! The snacks were great. Did you provide them? If so, we should take up a donation to help you defray the cost of snacks next time.
    Thanks for asking people to try to participate on the blog. Sorry I got a little shy last night :-) I haven't been around a large discussion crowd since my college days and my old bashfulness came back.
    I am so excited to hear that The Light Between Oceans will be a movie in the future!

  2. More movie news....
    I just read that "Gone Girl" is in talks to be produced and Reese Witherspoon will be the lead. I know you mentioned that book as a possible club read, Vicki. Maybe we should do that one this year?